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About Us

Our company is primarily located in Virginia, but we have offices in Texas, Washington D.C., and Florida. We specialize in security construction nationwide, specifically door installation and maintenance.

Our Company

Our company is headquartered in Virginia, but our work is global. We provide disaster recovery construction nationwide and security construction globally. CM Contracting & Consulting, INC. provides general contracting and consulting services for commercial, government, and security construction. Our jobs range from small area remodeling to new building

construction. We specialize in security construction, specifically security door installation and maintenance.

Our Employees

Our employees are are dedicated, driven, and efficient. We strive to exceed the expectations of our client's as well as build relationships with them and those working on site alongside us.

Our Priorities

When it comes to working with clients our golden rule takes priority. We simply want to guarantee 100% satisfaction with the work done. This includes but isn't limited to; Full clean up of the site, finishing the scope of work within the time frame given, as well as meeting the standards of the project at hand.

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