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Consulting Services

At CM Contracting and Consulting, our team of experts provides a wide range of consulting services to help clients achieve their goals. Our comprehensive services include construction, consulting, and maintenance solutions for various industries. Whether you need SCIF construction, security compliance, or door installation, we've got you covered with our extensive list of services:

• SCIF Construction

• SCIF Consulting

• Security Compliance (CST)

• Quality Control (QC)

• STC Installation

• RF Installation

• HM Door Installation

• STC Installation

• Bullet Resistant Window Installation

• Door Lamination

• Lock and Hardware Installation

• Portable SCIF Installation

• Low Voltage/Access Control Services

• Property Maintenance Division Services

• Design-Build Solutions

• Construction Management Services

• Rapid Facility Construction Solutions

Let us eliminate your uncertainty with our expert guidance.

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