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Security Doors

CM Contracting specializes in security construction. We specifically specialize in security door installations and maintenance. We are certified door installers and vendors through Krieger and Overly doors. 

Security Locks

We are proud to tell you that we have the ability to install and maintain some security locks. We are looking into widening our abilities in this area to provide a complete door and lock package.

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Contracting and Consulting

CM Contracting and Consulting, Inc has the capabilities of doing all aspects of security construction while following ICD 705 qualifications. Our company also has the ability to consult for any steps within the contruction process. Also, we can do inspections and quality control for the entire buildout



  • Krieger Door Installation and Maintenance

  • Krieger RF Door Installation and Maintenance

  • Overly Door Installation and Maintenance

  • Kaba Mas LKM7000 Installation

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